SCAD Trustee's TheaterI did not grow up with a burning internal passion for film, or whatever. It was a long time before I considered it a potential career path. All I’ve ever desired is to live creatively. It turns out this is no small request.

Indecision is what eventually landed me in film school.

Graphic Design. Illustration. Game Design. Industrial Design. Dramatic Writing. Literature. Sound Design. I would have happily held my own in any category. Why film?

Film is king. No other medium combines all of the above, and more, the way film does.

Before I’m attacked– film is no “better” than any other medium. This collaboration is how it sets itself apart. It requires every medium to do what nothing else can. Right down to the architecture of the theater itself. The movie-going experience Temple Theaterstands alone in the dim-lit red velvet theaters of the 20th century.

Consider the credit reel of any film. The staggering number of people in various departments touching every point of the Art spectrum. Film is the ultimate collaboration to create a single cohesive experience– which, personally, has bested any other form and depth of communication in my life.

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