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Factor 14: Murphy’s Law

The final and perhaps most frustrating parameter factor is usually referred to as simply Murphy’s Law: everything that could possibly go wrong, will. Trust me. The best thing you can do is prepare for the worst. If you think, “Gee, we’re a responsible bunch. We can take good care of equipment. Screw paying $25 for […]

Factor 10: Special Effects and Stunts

Safety is always the number one priority while on set. Any sort of stunt, from a simple trip to exploding buildings, require a lot of time, money, research, testing, and (if it’s a special effect) even rendering needs to be considered. All greenscreen shots need to be scheduled as close together as possible so the […]

Factors 7, 8, & 9: Time Period, Time of Year, & Weather

Time Period

 Period pieces (and science fiction) are among the hardest films to produce because the entire world must be remade down to every last detail. Make-up, clothes, cars, set dressing- most sets must be made from scratch. Time and money, people. Consider your budget first. Time of Year You do not want to be […]

3rd Factor: Day/Night Shooting

It seems straight forward: how many night shots and how many day shots? However, there’s a lot more red tape in the film world than students and beginners first anticipate. Turn-around time must be taken into account, lest you get in a serious legal debacle with the SAG or IATSE. The actors must have a […]

2nd Factor: Cast

There are many, many variables to consider when it comes to casting. From a director’s standpoint: is the actor right for the role? Whether you’re on a big production or a low-budget project, always audition potential players. The believability of the film will depend heavily on the performances given on screen- so, trust me when […]

1st Factor: Location

Location. Say it out loud: location. The number 1 parameter factor and key ally in storytelling. A poorly chosen location could kill the film’s believability, or destroy any attempts at decent  cinematography. In fact, location can make or break the entire production. So? Put all the effort you can into scoring the best location for […]

Scheduling & The 14 Parameter Factors

Two things are absolutely required to make a film: time and money. Beyond that, time is money! Therein lies the greatest purpose within the art of producing: efficient scheduling (because scheduling is budgeting, and vice versa). This requires near prophetic foresight and obsessive-compulsive organization. A single definitive system exists that successful films use in the […]


On Monday, July 18th, at approximately 1900 hours, my $4,000 (not including software) MacBook Pro was stolen. Needless to say, the consequences have proven to be endless. For starters, the authoring of this blog (created only two days prior) came to a halt. My personal website can no longer be edited and will most likely […]