Mission Forward

Role: Editor, Motion Graphics Company: Tennessee Valley Authority The Mission Forward concept began as an internal update series direct from TVA’s COO, and from there we developed the external version of the series: short big-projects updates from around the valley. These videos were quick turnarounds for rapid-fire social media posting. All the post production, from […]

#TVAfun & #TVAsummer

Role: Concept, Video Editor, Motion Graphics Designer/Animator Company: Tennessee Valley Authority In 2015 we launched the #TVAsummer campaign to get the public out to TVA recreation areas, and while they’re at it, share their adventures with us. The photo contest was a huge success. This campaign video ran all summer long in two different versions, […]

Powered By People You Know

Role: Concept, Editor Company: Tennessee Valley Authority We launched the Powered By People You Know campaign in the Fall of 2015 in an effort to highlight TVA’s greatest resource, it’s people, and emphasize the company’s mission to make life better for the people of the valley. TVA’s story is made of thousands of people. Some […]



Winner: Bronze Telly Award Role: Editor The Tennessee Valley Authority places the utmost importance on work safety. In an effort to strengthen that culture within the company, we produced a mini-documentary to remind employees of the risks we face everyday and the promise we have to make to each other to work safe. The film […]

Bukowski: So you want to be a writer?

Role: Everything but the voiceover. And the poem. What began as a very simple “visual project” (to quote the entirety of instructions given to us by the professor who assigned it) wound up being one of the most virally successful videos I’ve ever made. Completely on accident. I took a Beat Literature class at SCAD, […]


Ocean Exchange

Role: Director, Motion Media Founded in 2010, The Ocean Exchange™ unites worldwide organizations across multiple disciplines and boundaries to accelerate the distribution and adoption of solutions that positively impact our ocean and coast. Project Background In 2013 I was part of a small team (11 people) charged with creating 10 videos in 7 weeks to […]



Role: Everything, including dog mom My final semester at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I decided to take a motion graphics class. Although I was mostly self taught at this point, I had a great time and learned a ton. That’s where this video came to be. I had just adopted my Australian […]



Role: Director, Editor OCEARCH is an organization dedicated to finding a sustainable path forward for ocean life by leading unprecedented white shark research expeditions around the world. They have pioneered methods and technology to tag and track Great White Sharks, and thus collect never-before-had data. With this new data, they are leveraging for protective policies […]


White Walled

White Walled is a mini-documentary following the struggle of a few street artists trying to make a difference in their community with the power of art. Role: Editor, Director of Photography Backstory In the summer of 2011, Savannah-based artists Matt Hebermehl and James “DrZ” Zdaniewski completed a joint project on the block-long wall at 34th […]