The Best Dog Food HQ

By Shea Lord |
June 15th, 2015

The Best Dog Food HQ

By Shea Lord |
June 15th, 2015

Role: Sole Web Designer and Developer, Writer, Owner

I’m not an expert on dog food, but a friend of mine is. So we decided to turn her animal science knowledge into an online business using affiliate marketing tactics.

The Best Dog Food HQ Design Preview

The business plan relies on pulling heavy amounts of traffic to the online articles and converting readers into buyers. Therefore the design had to focus on a perfect reading experience.

TBDFHQ Wireframe Illustrator

Company Profile

Research clearly shows how much Americans love their dogs. A love like that needs support. Americans generally want to do the best they can for their pets, but bias, budget, and just plain not-knowing, can get in the way of that.

Dog owners want to know how they can best take care of their dogs— and that means feeding them right. We have to raise awareness on this topic, and then provide the right resources for owners to learn how to provide the best life for their beloved furry friends.

The Best Dog Food HQ Responsive Design Preview

The benefit is happier, healthier dogs, yielding happier owners, through educated buying decisions and life improvements.

We’re not selling dog food. We’re providing a resource that promotes the smart decisions necessary for a happy and healthy life for you and your pets.

Our story is simple, and can be summed into one word: passion. It’s a cliché, except when it’s true. We are obsessed with taking care of our pets, because they are family, and that means we are obsessed with their food.

As a company, we want our customers to be able to see how much we love not just our dogs, but everyone’s pets.

We are like those crazy cat ladies— except with dogs, and possibly better hygiene. We exalt pet ownership as a noble and beautiful cause worth obsessing over.