Role: Everything but the voiceover. And the poem.

What began as a very simple “visual project” (to quote the entirety of instructions given to us by the professor who assigned it) wound up being one of the most virally successful videos I’ve ever made. Completely on accident.

I took a Beat Literature class at SCAD, where we studied Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, and, of course, Charles Bukowski. When given free reign to just turn in something “visual” for our final project, I channeled everything I learned from On The Road and just went to a party.

A big party.

And of course I filmed the whole thing. Edited the video that same evening, tying it together with a beautiful reading of Bukowski’s famous poem, So, You Want to be a Writer?

The teacher loved it. Class loved it. When I threw it up on youtube, wouldn’t you know that the internet loved it too.

160,000 views and counting. I’ve had friends recognized by strangers while traveling across the country thanks to this video.

Warning: like any proper Bukowski tribute, there’s a little bit of nudity.