Role: Director, Motion Media

Founded in 2010, The Ocean Exchange™ unites worldwide organizations across multiple disciplines and boundaries to accelerate the distribution and adoption of solutions that positively impact our ocean and coast.

Project Background

In 2013 I was part of a small team (11 people) charged with creating 10 videos in 7 weeks to promote the participants in that year’s Savannah Ocean Exchange. The internship was sponsored by National Geographic’s EVP, Mark Bauman— to whom we pitched all of our video concepts.

The first video I took the lead on creating, as the team motionographer, was a new logo bumper. The logo itself is representative of three elements: water, earth, and air. With this knowledge, I utilized each element as an animation of their corresponding platonic solid (the geometric shapes) to create a modern yet earthy look on strong textures.

Of the 10 other videos our team produced, my favorite is the story of James Spyglass, P.I. The short is set in an Bogart-esque detective office, and I applied 3D camera tracking to visually represent the thoughts of our hero as he solves the Chinatown-inspired mystery. The concept of a sharp private eye was inspired by the Spyglass Technologies Group’s water monitoring solutions for a cleaner ocean.

One of our more visually captivating pieces featured a tech-savvy farmer utilizing Controlled Environment Agriculture technologies through an ipad. Growing crops using CEA greenhouses, combined with renewable energy, enables high yield food production to generate economic growth in any local community.

And then there was the parkour video. The concept came from Starcom’s GPS System solution: a device which can trigger alerts in reaction to a comprehensive range of events and wirelessly send updates on a cargo’s whereabouts and condition. In other words, a package nanny. This one I had the pleasure of directing and creating all the motion media. We spent a full day in Atlanta’s midtown area, and I may or may not be banned from a few corporate premises now…

The rest of the videos we created that summer can be found on the Ocean Exchange’s youtube channel.