Winner: Bronze Telly Award
Role: Editor

The Tennessee Valley Authority places the utmost importance on work safety. In an effort to strengthen that culture within the company, we produced a mini-documentary to remind employees of the risks we face everyday and the promise we have to make to each other to work safe.

Safety Promise

The film recounts the tragic story of two incidents that took place at TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant. The first half of the film describes an arc flash which left several employees badly burned. The story is told by first-person account interviews and includes several re-enactments.


The second half of the film revolves around a fatal accident which left an indelible mark on the people who were there, and the entire company as well. It was a hard story to tell, and every step of the production was an emotional journey. Promise is the first film I cut for TVA, and possibly still the project with the greatest impact I’ve had the privilege to be a part of while working here.

Telly Award Shea Lord