Role: Creative Lead | campaign design, microsite design and development, virtual reality video creation
Client: TVA Economic Development

In the summer of 2015, the Tennessee Valley Authority sold one of it’s megasites to Google to be the location for their newest data center in Alabama. Landing this sale stirred a lot of excitement around the potential for the rest of TVA’s sites open for development.

To capitalize on the press attention received after the Google deal, we devised a mailout campaign that would feature TVA sites in the new Cardboard virtual reality viewer.


The Microsite

A mobile-first approach was taken to designing a microsite which would house all the campaign collateral: landing page copy, 360 video, aerial videography, and a call to action. I created a mock-up in Adobe Illustrator detailing the content flow and user interface design. Since we were playing off of our recent collaboration with Google, of course I utilized material design concepts at every turn.


The site was fully responsive and fluid for desktop users as well (since VR is not everyone’s cup of tea) including the 360 video, to be hosted on Youtube.