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How YouTube Makes Money — and Who They Support

YouTube has become a legitimate source of revenue for anyone creating video content. This infographic gives the full breakdown. (click graphic to see full size) Music dominates YouTube channels and the internet video market, but gaming isn’t far behind. Film, ironically enough, is only 2.5% of the top content on the online video megasite. Gaming […]

When Content Overrides Aesthetic Quality – PART II

Emmanuel Lubezki is a master cinematographer. Allow me to do the hipster thing and say: I liked him before The Tree of Life (more on that later). The underrated reason is called A Little Princess (1995). I’m probably biased in this. The film made a huge impression on me when I was a child, and […]

Murmuration: When Content Overrides Aesthetic Quality – PART I

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/31158841 w=500&h=400] I saw this video when it was Vimeo’s staff pick a while ago, and my jaw dropped. What struck me most, after the beauty of the starlings, was the fact that this pixelated, blurry, shaky video could have such a profound emotional pull on me. (Yes, profound– maybe I overreacted, but I […]