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Transmedia and the Art of Storytelling, Part II: Marketing a Personal Experience

Panelist Zach Lieberman (far right) wrote a real-time, interactive subway murder mystery that would take place in New York. A series of curious events would tell a story culminating in the release of a blu-ray, which he would also film. The project was actually green-lit by Warner Brothers, But Lieberman unfortunately ended up having to […]

Transmedia and the Art of Storytelling, Part I: How Johnny Cash and Angry Birds Involve Fans in the Story

When I browse the shelves of books stores, certain titles and/or covers sometimes call to me— or that’s how it seems to happen in my head. One such book was Frank Rose’s The Art Of Immersion, which caught my attention with its illusionistic cover (let’s face it, that’s how we judge books). I had not […]