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The Art of the Long-Take, Part II: Music Videos

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, because I’ve stumbled upon something that I think is really cool and beautiful. (Rather, this is the post working up to the post I’ve been dying to write— Part III will hopefully make you’re eyes widen, and I can’t wait.) I want […]

Transmedia and the Art of Storytelling, Part II: Marketing a Personal Experience

Panelist Zach Lieberman (far right) wrote a real-time, interactive subway murder mystery that would take place in New York. A series of curious events would tell a story culminating in the release of a blu-ray, which he would also film. The project was actually green-lit by Warner Brothers, But Lieberman unfortunately ended up having to […]

Transmedia and the Art of Storytelling, Part I: How Johnny Cash and Angry Birds Involve Fans in the Story

When I browse the shelves of books stores, certain titles and/or covers sometimes call to me— or that’s how it seems to happen in my head. One such book was Frank Rose’s The Art Of Immersion, which caught my attention with its illusionistic cover (let’s face it, that’s how we judge books). I had not […]

Marketing Genius: A note on THE HUNGER GAMES, & putting an end to the Twilight rumors

In my last post, I spoke of Nina Jacobson, producer of The Hunger Games movie(s) and promised more to come— well this is it, friends. First off, I am a huge fan of the series, not in the “team whatever” sense, but in the sense that I was touched by the novels, loved the characters, […]

Filmmaking in an Independent World: Part II

Social/transmedia today gives any artist seeking support the ability to literally build an audience before ever actually premiering a piece (be it a movie or painting exhibition— or anything in-between). Here I could go into a transmedia spiel, but I’ll save that for the post about the transmedia panel. However, using a platform such as […]

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: A High-Speed Near-Fiasco

A professor of mine, who will remain anonymous, is an expert on high speed motion picture cameras. Back when shooting 1000 frames per second was still a technical feat (about five years ago), he made a comfortable living by working exclusively with these cameras. He is my primary source for this post- and whether or […]