Shea Lord


Video editor turned motion designer from Atlanta, currently based in Chicago and very much missing Waffle House. (c’mon, Illinois!)

My background is in production, on-set directing, lighting, and shooting. I began freelancing in 2016 as an editor and worked my way into motion design.

In 2022 I launched an online course to help other freelancers price their work. You can usually find me on LinkedIn, posting freelance tips and breakdowns, or in my newsletter: the Freelance Operating System. Previous issues are posted here on the blog.

I’m also a teaching assistant over at School of Motion (in the Expression Session, specifically!)

You can email me at


Stuff I do

  • Design + Illustration
  • 2D animation in After Effects
  • Expressions-based rigs and templates
  • 3D design and animation
  • Video editing

Clients I’ve worked with directly or through studio partners.

The American Chemical Society, Alkami, Boston Consulting Group, Brookfield, Claire’s, Coca-Cola, Company3, Czarnowski Collective, Elevance Health, Georgia Pacific, GRID News, IAMS, Marriott, Mars, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, MIT Technology Review, OVME, Petrol Advertising, Porsche, Procter & Gamble, San Fransisco Travel, School of Motion, Spanx, the US Muaythai Federation, and others.

These are my dogs