Your Next Big Move: VR Campaign

Role: Creative Lead | campaign design, microsite design and development, virtual reality video creation Client: TVA Economic Development In the summer of 2015, the Tennessee Valley Authority sold one of it’s megasites to Google to be the location for their newest data center in Alabama. Landing this sale stirred a lot of excitement around the […]

The Best Dog Food HQ

Role: Sole Web Designer and Developer, Writer, Owner I’m not an expert on dog food, but a friend of mine is. So we decided to turn her animal science knowledge into an online business using affiliate marketing tactics. The business plan relies on pulling heavy amounts of traffic to the online articles and converting readers […]


Rebranding NCR

Founded in 1884, NCR is one of the oldest companies in America (and the world) still running today. In 1996 the renowned graphic artist Saul Bass designed their famous hand-holding logo, and for 17 years the branding remained stagnant. REINVENTION I began my career at NCR when I was 19 as a video production intern, […]


Association of Stylists & Barbers

Role: Sole Web Designer and Developer, Editor Way back in 2007, my mother, Elaine Lord, launched a not-for-profit organization with the goal of bringing her colleagues together as a force for good. Company Profile The Association of Stylists and Barbers (TASB) is an elite group of stylists and barbers with big hearts and a passion […]