Role: Director, Editor

OCEARCH is an organization dedicated to finding a sustainable path forward for ocean life by leading unprecedented white shark research expeditions around the world. They have pioneered methods and technology to tag and track Great White Sharks, and thus collect never-before-had data. With this new data, they are leveraging for protective policies and even a massive educational program to create a generational institution for learning and sustainability. This documentary follows their struggle to remain mission-based and all-inclusive in the search for answers to the ocean’s greatest mysteries.

OCEARCH Great White Shark

Project Background

While taking an Captain Kevin McCarey’s environmental filmmaking course at SCAD, our producer stumbled upon the exciting work being done by Chris Fischer with his non-profit, OCEARCH. [ocean + research = OCEARCH]

A few emails later, we were driving down to a port in Key West to interview the whole crew. The doc came together pretty quickly after that. Much of the footage in the doc came from their archive of expedition footage, which you can view on their youtube channel.

After about 4 months of shooting and writing and editing, and a gazillion emails, we had a mini-doc on our hands. OCEARCH went on to take the Ocean Gold award at the Gray’s Reef Ocean Film Festival, as well as first place in the Appalachicola Riverfront Film Festival.