Food As Medicine Pitch

By Shea Lord |
February 20th, 2019

Food As Medicine Pitch

By Shea Lord |
February 20th, 2019

Project Background

It’s always exciting when I get to work with non-profits, especially Atlanta based and community focused non-profits. From their site, “Open Hand prepares, packs and delivers over 5,000 healthy meals each day throughout metro-Atlanta for those who might otherwise go without.” Open Hand Atlanta has been working on a concept that could revolutionize the healthy food ecosystem in Atlanta. I have done work previously with Good Measure Meals, the for-profit meal delivery arm of OHA, and I’m grateful they reached out to me for help when the opportunity arose to pitch their amazing idea to Grady Hospital.

Design Process

The client had a logo and some photography to work with, including a couple concept renders. It was important to show off these renders, and also utilize the photography of Atlanta’s own local farmers. Many of the assets were true to life, though a few stock photos were used to fill in the gaps. With photography playing the leading role, my designs just needed to support the images and move us through the story.

Animation Process

There are a few tricks sprinkled over this animation that I’d like to share. An obvious style choice was the blanket use of an animated canvas texture, which I purchased years ago on videohive. In line with this decision, I thought a lower framerate of 15fps would give it a more DIY and earthy look to match our farming theme.

Even though photography was the most prominent element throughout the video, I didn’t want the photos sitting perfectly still, draining energy out of the pitch. Enter: the classic wiggle expression, but with a small twist. The below snippet calculates amplitude and frequency according to how you set the variables, resulting in a jumpy wiggle.

fps=5; //frequency
amount=60;  //amplitude

wiggle(fps,amount,octaves = 1, amp_mult = 0.5,(Math.round(time*fps))/fps);

Custom Transitions

Here’s where I go overboard with the “earthy” theme. ? Borrowing a friend’s leftover potting soil, I used a dog crate to rig the perfect stop motion studio. It’s easier to show you than explain it.

Okay, I’ll explain it. That’s a Canon 5D Mkii with a 40mm lense sitting snuggly between the cage wires, overlooking the cage bottom, which is lined with lime green tissue paper (close enough). A ring light ($70 amazon) also lays over the cage, plugged into an outlet in my garage ceiling. No tripods or light stands to accidentally kick! Featuring two cage doors for multiple entry points to manipulate the animation. ✌

I made one more custom “painterly” transition while building this video. A few custom brushes with varying opacity did the trick in about 20 minutes.

You can download the transitions for free here (sprouts not included):

I don’t care how you use them, and I don’t need a credit. I do accept tips if you’re so inclined. ?


  • Client: Open Hand Atlanta
  • Script: Open Hand Atlanta
  • Design + Animation + VO: Shea Lord
  • Music: Indie Trip by MusicSpace